YouTube TV and Live TV Pause/Resume Issue [Fixed]

YouTube TV and Live TV Pause/Resume IssueYouTube TV DVR and Live TV Pause/Resume Issue [Fixed]

This tutorial will demonstrate a number of fixes for the YouTube TV and Live TV Pause/Resume problems. There is almost no question that the Silicon Valley giant’s product is at the top of the list when it comes to video streaming services. In addition to smartphones, it is now present on a wide range of other devices, including TVs. Even though certain dubious decisions, such as the removal of dislike counts, have been made, they won’t have any unfavorable effects.

What might be a problem is how frequently the service is hacked and has a bug or two. Numerous customers have currently expressed their worries about the YouTube TV DVR and Live TV Pause/Resume issue. When a person stops watching live TV or recorded content for a while and then picks it up again after a short break, the show usually starts at a different timestamp than when it was stopped. Additionally, based on a number of user reports, it appears to occur most frequently on “fresh” recordings that are less than 6 hours old.

Additionally, this flaw affects Nvidia Shield, Roku, and Chromecast for Google TV, with Apple TV being the only device that is unaffected. For many people, the problem begins when the screen saver activates. This error appears to have been introduced by the most recent YouTube TV app upgrade, version 1.20.01. Having said that, there are a few clever workarounds that can assist you in resolving the YouTube TV DVR and Live TV Pause/Resume problem. Let’s look at them now without further ado.

Eliminate the problem with YouTube TV DVR and live TV pause/resume

It is advised that you test each of the below-mentioned workarounds before deciding which one is the key to your achievement. So let’s begin keeping that in mind.

FIX 1: Apply the Recently Viewed Technique

Go to the Main tab as soon as the problem appears, which is when the playback is reset after a pause. The video will then begin at the paused timestamp only if you locate it in the Recently Watched area and play it.

FIX 2: Prolong the screensaver’s duration

You might think about adjusting the screensaver time to make it appear as late as feasible because the problem arises as soon as the screensaver is triggered. You will therefore have ample time to pause the film and then resume playing it without the screensaver activating during that time.

Downgrade the YouTube TV App (FIX 3).

The culprit behind this problem, as previously indicated, is the most recent YouTube TV app version 1.20.01. Therefore, you might want to think about reverting to an earlier stable version that doesn’t have this bug. Here is one possible approach: [Note that the procedure will delete the YouTube app data, therefore all downloaded files will be lost]

Click Settings > Apps > All Apps.
the YouTube app should then be chosen from the list.
Then click Uninstall Updates > OK.
The downgrade is now fully implemented.
These three distinct approaches should enable you to resolve the YouTube TV DVR and Live TV Pause/Resume issues. The developers are aware of this problem, according to the official position on the subject, but they haven’t provided an ETA for the release of a patch. When that occurs, we will update this manual appropriately. The aforementioned workarounds are your best option while waiting.