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WhatsAutoWhatsAuto is a FREE autoresponder app for all social messaging apps. Whenever you are busy, TURN ON WhatsAuto and set a personalized message, it will automatically respond to all incoming messages.

Description of WhatsAuto

WhatsAuto is an app that works as an answering machine for WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

This is an app available for Android with the default messaging features when you’re busy. It has a WhatsApp-like design with an organized menu that is easy to use.

In this menu, you will see the default messages and the option to create your own. Replies are configured only with your favorite contacts. You can also set automatic responses once or each time they write to you.

So download WhatsAuto and perform your activities without being aware of the responses to messages, this application does it for you.

Respond to multiple contacts at once with one click

After downloading the app, you will see the main screen with the tab for activating automatic responses. You can do this at this time or when you are very busy.

You will also see the default messages available, which are: I can’t speak now, I’m behind the wheel, I’ll write to you later, among others. However, you can write your personalized messages with the app’s text editor.

In addition, you have the ability to configure instant responses to all contacts or only in specific situations. That is, you can specify specific expressions or keywords and when you receive messages in WhatsApp, the response is sent in seconds.

Similarly, the WhatsAuto allows you to send a welcome message to anyone who writes to you for the first time. In addition, when determining who will receive the answers, you have several options.

For example, with the Everyone option, you can reply to anyone who writes to you. With My Contact List, you select specific people when you reply. In addition, you have in addition to my contact list to respond to people who write to you and are not on the list.

On the other hand, you can set the response time of the messages. In other words, you have the ability to continuously respond to contact, wait a few seconds, or respond immediately only once.

Also in WhatsAuto, you get a detailed history of sent automatic messages. This allows you to be aware of those who write to you. The WhatsAuto app even has a dark mode for safety and battery saving.

WhatsAuto Features

  • Intuitive interface that activates automatic answers in seconds, without any prerequisites.
  • Ability to select specific contacts when replying to messages.
  • Support for sending automatic replies to WhatsApp groups of your choice.
  • Compatible with all messaging applications.
  • It has a section where you can write your personalized autoresponders.
  • Ability to back up to your computer’s memory and restore them whenever you want.
  • It allows you to set a calendar to automatically reply to important messages.
  • A good security system that encrypts your messages and replies.
  • It has a control mode that recognizes whether you are driving and replies to messages for you.
  • Available for Android only.

How to install WhatsAuto APK

Tap com.guibais.whatsauto_2020.apk
Tap Install WhatsAuto Аpk file.
Follow the steps on the screen.

Category Apps > Communication
OS Android
Latest Version: v.2.32
License Free
Size: 8.20MB
Filename: WhatsAuto_Reply_App-2-32.apk
Last Updated 1 day ago

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