How to Fix the YouTube TV “Outside Your Home Area” Error

YouTube TV Outside-Your Home Area ErrorWe’ll go through several fixes for the YouTube TV “Outside Your Home Area” problem in this article. There are no points in figuring out which name would be at the top of the list for video streaming services (hint: it’s the service from the Silicon Valley powerhouses!). While it has long dominated the smartphone market, it has recently advanced up the success ladders in the TV industry as well. However, it doesn’t appear like things are developing for YouTube in this section as predicted.

While it has long had a rocky relationship with Roku, it currently appears to be bothering owners of other Smart TVs. Reddit and Google Support Forums are flooded with complaints from people who can’t access the YouTube App. And this time, the problem is, to put it mildly, strange. Users are faced with the statement that they are “outside their home area” and therefore YouTube won’t permit them to open the app out of precaution.

The issue is that consumers are holding their linked cell phones while seated right near their TVs. There is a feature in the app that allows you to confirm your location in this regard. Simply selecting “I’m in my home area” will cause the app to authenticate your location and grant you access in a matter of seconds. Even that, though, doesn’t appear to be working out right now.

The “waiting for my device” notice appears on the loading screen when users choose that option. The list of impacted devices is also quite extensive, including Roku, Chromecast with Google TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Nvidia Shield. The YouTube TV “Outside Your Home Area” problem can, fortunately, be fixed using a few workarounds. Let’s look at them now without further ado.

How to Fix the “Outside Your Home Area” Error on YouTube TV
Be aware that there isn’t really a universal solution. The optimal workaround for you will depend on which of the solutions listed below you try first. So let’s begin keeping that in mind.

Update the area used for the current playback
This is YouTube’s official patch, and it is advised that you update the Current Playback Area. Here is one possible approach:

Open the YouTube app on the relevant device (smart TV, gaming console, streaming device) to get started. Next, choose your profile icon and location.
Choose Update after choosing Current Playback Area.
Launch the YouTube TV app on your smartphone after that is finished.
Once there, select Location by tapping on your Profile Icon.
Finally, select Update by tapping Current Playback Area.
I’m done now. The YouTube TV “Outside Your Home Area” problem should have been resolved. If not, then pay close attention to this additional workaround.

Other Fix:

Location Verification Using Two-Factor Authentication
This remedy, which is also endorsed by YouTube, requires you to use two-factor authentication to confirm your location.

Go to the YouTube TV verification page on your mobile device first.
the 2-factor authentication test must then be passed.
Verify your position one last time, and the problem ought to be solved.
The instruction on how to resolve the YouTube TV “Outside Your Home Area” problem is now complete. For the same, we have discussed two different approaches. Please let us know in the comments which one best describes success for you.