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Gallery Vault 3.20.9 APK for Android

Gallery Vault allows you to hide and encrypt all the images, videos, and files that the user wants to protect on their Android device.

Description GalleryVault APK

Most people have their own secrets, and modern technology allows people to keep it all on their mobile devices. In principle, you only need simple integrated apps to protect your secrets. Some, however, fall into the understanding and need to use more sophisticated protection tools.

If you are looking for such an app, GalleryVault meets everything you want. This is a first-class content protection tool designed specifically to protect the images and videos contained in your phone. If users are using an Android smartphone, Gallery Vault is the safest place to save content that you don’t want to be compromised.

Features of GalleryVault

  • Hide photos, videos, or any file.
  • Ability to hide the app icon.
  • Ability to move all protected files to SD card to free up memory.
  • Simple interface and nice design.
  • Intrusion alerts if someone tries to access the system.
  • Ability to display fake content using a PIN.
  • Compatible with fingerprint readers.
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Autor GTPL
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Fecha actualizada Hace 1 día

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