CE-30005-8 PS4 Fix Error

The CE-30005-8 error code appears when the user wants to play a game from a disc and the CD player cannot read the information from the disc. This means you may have a problem with your Blu-ray drive or the hard drive of your PS4. CE-30005-8 Error Code is an error encountered by PS4 owners. … Read more

CE-34788-0 PS4 Fix Error

CE-34788-0 PS4 error code is one of the most common problems for owners of this model console from Sony. What this error is and how to remove it. Now I will tell you that the CE-34788-0 problem is very easy to solve and it will not take long for you to solve it. Thus, the … Read more

How to Find Your IP Address

How to find the IP address of your computer? We are in Windows 10 and I’m going to show you how to find your IP address sometimes you need to find your IP address to see if you have a conflict with another IP address or sometimes if you have a game going they need … Read more